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Raised on equal helpings of Kuldeep Manak and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Toronto rapper Deep Basswala (@DeepBasswala)creates a sound that is authentic and true to both his Punjabi roots and the world of Hip Hop.

Along with his collaborators, he’s part of an emerging “Brampton Sound”, representing the North- West end of the Greater Toronto Area with a large Punjabi population. The music, which features hard and heavy urban production (big basslines, kicks and snares) flavoured with Indian instrumentation and vocals, becomes something new altogether. The seed of this project was planted while Deep was doing production for ground breaking Punjabi rap crew B’Bay De Munde, from Mumbai.

After being asked to throw a verse on one of the tracks himself, he started writing a mix of both English and Punjabi in a style no one had done before. Basswala says he was “trying to do what Spanish rappers like Tony Touch, The Beatnuts, Kidd Frost, Mellow Man Ace and others had done for Latin rap. Seamlessly interweaving English and Spanish slang. I had heard Punjabi rap, but it always sounded cartoonish, or Punjabi rappers were rhyming in English with no nod to their own culture. That’s where I come in, I bring them both together. I haven’t heard anyone do it like I do”.

In addition to Rap, his upcoming self-titled album on Snow Tiger Entertainment Inc. features explorations into EDM, R&B, Reggae, and traditional folk Bhangra. Music fans of all genres will appreciate the art created by Deep Basswala.

The track features music, lyrics and vocals from Deep Basswala. It was mixed by Norie Kingsbury and mastered by Tigerstyle under the Snow Tiger Entertainment Inc label.

Deep Basswala brings you real Desi Hip Hop from the streets of BRAMPTON aka SINGH CITY. Classical Indian mandolins on a bounce style Hip-Hop beat topped with a PUNJABI/ENGLISH flow.

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