Watch Hard Times - Aukhi Ghari by Manika Kaur

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Watch the video to the latest song titled 'Hard Times - Aukhi Ghari' by Manika Kaur out now via the Label Dharam Seva Records.

The first release is on 1st December by International Dubai based Artist Manika Kaur, titled Hard Times - Aukhi Ghari. This single is a rendition of the Divine Shabad of Guru Arjan Dev Ji from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The track features orchestral Violins along with a very rich sound to accompany Manika Kaur’s vocals. Manika Kaur who only sings non-profit with her organisation, ‘Kirtan For Causes’, will be launching this video with Dharam Seva Records in 67 countries with the video getting extended TV airplay throughout India with PTC network.

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