Watch Gurdas Maan - Jeeyo (Vlog 1)

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The icon Gurdas Maan who is one of the most successful artists to ever grace Punjabi music has stared to Vlog his journeys around the world.

In part 1 of his Vlog journey which he has titled 'Jeeyo' Gurdas Maan takes us to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona which is located in the United States. He also speaks about never having seen the Statue Of Liberty to this day, but I'm sure he will take us on a journey their in the future.

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Kami K.
-1 #2 RE: Watch Gurdas Maan - Jeeyo (Vlog 1)Kami K. 2016-10-06 17:19
Rab thonu hamesha kush rakhe
Manu Sara Petha
-1 #1 RE: Watch Gurdas Maan - Jeeyo (Vlog 1)Manu Sara Petha 2016-10-06 17:01
Awesome Message by the Punjabi Legend!!! Salute Gurdas Maan Ji!

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