Ay-Jay is back with his new E.P UrbanEra!

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Fresh from the release of his debut single 'London Girl', Ay-Jay is back with an E.P which consists of 4 tracks and is available on soundcloud!

Ay-Jay gives an insight into the project, "This is something for all my supporters that have been waiting for me too release some new material. The UrbanEra E.P consists of some new tracks, a cover and also a remix to my debut single 'London Girl'.

This 22 year old has sang and produced all the songs featuring on the E.P, and is working on new official material which will be out soon.

"UrbanEra E.P available on Soundcloud now"


Tammy Kaur
0 #1 RE: Ay-Jay is back with his new E.P UrbanEra!Tammy Kaur 2016-07-24 06:43
Talented individual for sure keep up the good work xx

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