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PBN to Collaborate with Jaz Dhami on Bhangra Machine!

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This could be the collaboration of the year so far! Jaz Dhami is just coming off one of his most successful release in 'Munda Like Me' and PBN has just announced a collaboration with Sharry Mann.

The pair has just announced a dancefloor track to release, with the powerful voice of Jaz Dhami & PBN who has made music for the biggest names in the industry this could become EPIC!

It seems the track is in the production stages and it could be hitting dancefloors worldwide very soon!

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Zippy K
0 #2 RE: PBN to Colloberate with Jaz Dhami?Zippy K 2016-03-08 08:32
Ok will not epic but would be good to see what they can do, looking forward to it..
+1 #1 RE: PBN to Colloberate with Jaz Dhami?0000 2016-03-08 01:24
Not really epic, will be ok unless pbn brings something fresh or we know what his signature sound is. For me singles don't have a long replay value we need albums from uk artists

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