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New Delhi born DJ Peet a.k.a The Punjabi Menace is a 16 yr old DJ and Producer. He started Dj-ing at the age of 12 and developed an interest for music production after being influenced by Tigerstyle, Specialist N Tru Skool, Rishi Rich and Gurdas Mann as well as Classical Indian music. My Fascination was his first music production, out in Summer 2006. He describes his sound as a fusion of Hip Hop and Classical Indian beats mixed with traditional instruments like the dhol and tabla.



- Track Listing -

1. DJ PEET - Punjabi Menace Strikes AgAiN!! [InTrO] (Aired on BBC) (2:21)

2. DJ PEET - Bhangra Pauna [DhOl On FiRe] (Aired on BBC) (3:02)

3. DJ PEET - Please Me [BhaNgIn' CraZe] (3:57)

4. DJ PEET - Heer [DeSiNeZz] (3:59)

5. DJ PEET - Tabla All The Way [I'm Da TabLaHeAd] (Aired on BBC) (3:34)

6. DJ PEET - My Fascination [Produced] [InTerLuDe] (Aired On BBC) (1:42)

7. DJ PEET - Roti Ni Mildhi [Ne-Yo Vs Apache Indian] (3:37)

8. DJ PEET - SmaCk ThAt MutiYaarE [DeSi MasHuP] (3:42)

9. DJ PEET - Promise [BoNuS Mix] (4:21)

10. DJ PEET - BeBoT [Des-I ReFiX] (3:32)

11. DJ PEET - Keep It Undercover [PuNJaBi SpIce] (Much Appreciated by Mr. Sunit) (3:39)

12. DJ PEET - Fully Classic [OuTrO] (2:04)

>>>>> A Few Words From Me <<<<<

Sat Sri Akal to everyone from DJ PEET a.k.a. ThE PuNjAbI MeNaCe™. After working hard on my mixin' & productions skills i've returned with my new album "ThE PuNJaBi MeNaCe StriKes AgAiN!!".

This album is full of creativity & its foot tapping music will make u dance all night long.

This album also includes my hit productions & remixes which aired on the BBC Radio's Asian Network when I was chosen as the FUTURE FRICTION on Mr. BOBBY FRICTION's "Friction" radio show.

This album has all different types of tracks whih include bhangra, hip-hop ,garage ,classical, hindi & what not!!

Well this would be my last underground project and i'm going to move ahead and make my tracks with my full produced music.

Hats off to the Original artists. Send all your reviews & suggestions at my Email ID given below (LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS HERE AS WELL). I hope u'll enjoy my work.



DJ PEET a.k.a. ThE PuNjAbI MeNaCe™

We at SimplyBhangra wish him the best with the future ...  Check out his album below

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