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Introducing Shaan & Verinder

Moviebox are proud to introduce to their already World Famous collation of Artists from the Asian Music Industry, Shaan & Verinder.

Hailing from London, the dynamic duo aim to showcase a new generation of music displaying versatility and variation whilst upholding traditional elements which Asian music has become accustomed to.

A strong friendship was formed between the pair through a mutual passion for music as both were influenced by a variety of genres among which are Hip-Hop, R’n’B, Garage, House, Bhangra & Bollywood. Essentially Shaan & Verinder hope to use these inspirations to bring listeners a diverse, high quality and world class sound.

Both individuals have had a keen interest in musical instruments from a young age with Shaan learning Dhol and Verinder being inclined towards Tabla. Between them this progressed to include other percussion instruments as well as Tumbi, Algoze, Harmonium, Keyboard and Piano. In a short space of time, Shaan & Verinder as a collective have become natural at playing instruments whilst concurrently developing their capabilities in composing, engineering and music production.

Shaan & Verinder still make continual efforts to learn further with the pair being under the guidance of high profile musician Juggy Rihal, to whom they give credit for taking their music further.

Although this is their official introduction, they are no strangers to the music industry. Shaan & Verinder boast a wealth of experience through engineering, producing and performing on recordings with many recognizable names from around the globe. They now feel they are ready to bring their talents justly into the limelight with Moviebox supporting them to make their mark on the Asian MusicI ndustry by combining the experience and musical expertise of Shaan & Verinder with some of the most prominent vocal talents to date.

More information on Shaan & Verinder and their upcoming releases will be revealed soon.


Twitter: @shaan_verinder

Instagram: @shaan_verinder