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Fateh - Naiyo Jaan De (Video)

Watch the video for 'Naiyo Jaan De' by rapper Fateh! The song is out now!

For months, the industry has been asking the one question on everyone’s mind: “When will Fateh release his own single?”

Well, the wait is over.

Fateh’s new solo debut, ‘Naiyon Jaan De’ is here and it is as international as he is.

But, that is not all.

Fateh’s debut is accompanied by a video that is far from traditional. Prepared by his team, it is purposely provocative, intended to push artistic boundaries, challenge industry norms and spark conversation.

Whether it is Bollywood, Punjab, UK or North America, Fateh has captured everyone’s attention. Not only has he introduced a blend of hip-hop never heard before, he has dominated the Bollywood charts this year with the hit ‘Lovely’ and taken the Bhangra scene by storm with non-stop #1 features including ‘Inch’, ‘Pendu’, ‘Rendeh’, ‘Etwaar’, ’Black Suit’ and more.

Fateh’s unique ability to switch from Punjabi to English flawlessly has captured the imagination of South Asians across the globe, placing him amongst the highest in-demand artists in the industry - this debut is lives up to his reputation.

If anyone forgot, ‘Naiyon Jaan De’ is a reminder why Fateh is the voice of a generation.