Dj Scorpio 'Agg Banke' DJ Challenge

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LA's Premier South Asian DJ is Calling out to all the DJ's... DJ Scorpio is doing a DJ remix challenge! The DJ who does the best remix to Agg Banke will get $1000 from Dj Scorpio Records.

***DEADLINE EXTENDED*** There's been many DJ's who haven't been able to get their mix in due to time constraints, so we have extended the Agg Banke DJ Remix Challenge for 2 more weeks.

Here's the Agg Banke Challenge Requirements:

1. You must be a DJ in the Indian market with a minimum of 250 followers on SoundCloud

2. Do a remix to Agg Banke

3. Post it on your SoundCloud Page by June 19, 2015 and share it with Dj Scorpio and Harry Singh. We will share it with all our followers.

4. You will be judged on concept, style, sound quality and we will listen to make sure your remix is in the correct key. Judges are: Dj Scorpio, Harry Singh, Amar Dholi, Dholi Harp, Dj K and Tej Toor

5. July 18, 2015 will be the end date.

6. Winner will be announced August 1, 2015.

Please Note: We have eliminated the requirement of the number of plays you get. Therefore, we will not be counting your hits. We look forward to your submission! Good Luck!

You can listen to the original track here:

Agg Banke Vocals and Beat to compose your remix:


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Dj Scorpio
0 #8 Dj Twinbeatz Remix to Agg BankeDj Scorpio 2015-05-30 03:43
The first mix is up by Dj Twinbeatz:
-1 #7 RE: Dj Scorpio 'Agg Banke' DJ Challengeinsider 2015-05-30 02:33
Sonu Nigam is not a Punjabi or a Bhangra artist. Mans is Bollywood and Bwood got no love for real Bhangra. This track has zero credibility and the young singer could work with a better group.
Dj Scorpio
0 #6 Agg Banke DJ ChallengeDj Scorpio 2015-05-29 13:41
Looks like someone's jealous... The song was produced by an Indian (Dj Scorpio) and a Hollywood producer who produces for Sonu Nigam. All of Zeus' music sounds the same. Nothing unique from him now days. He had great music back in the days. Why don't one of you who are talking crap drop a remix and enter the challenge? If you know how to remix that is...
The DJ Guru
+2 #5 RE: Dj Scorpio 'Agg Banke' DJ ChallengeThe DJ Guru 2015-05-28 18:08
LOL this looks like a desperate attempt to promote an average song.
I'm pretty sure the money will go to someone on the inside.
If they really plan to give out a 1000 dollars, they could have gone to a top producer to [censored] or Zeus
0 #4 RE: Dj Scorpio 'Agg Banke' DJ Challengebwadboi 2015-05-28 08:06
So this track was made by a non-indian producer from Hollywood?! This looks like a attempt to get more publicity.
Dj Scorpio
+2 #3 Agg Banke RulesDj Scorpio 2015-05-27 17:50
It doesn't only have to be just SoundCloud Followers. As long as you have a minimum of 250 followers on one of your Social Media outlets, we will honor your submission.
dj ramzi
0 #2 RE: DJ Scorpios 'Agg Banke' DJ Challengedj ramzi 2015-05-27 16:54
Quoting J Gif:
why do you have to have a soundcloud with 250 followers? what about facebook artist page, or youtube videos with a certain no. of views?

Agree should be o[censored] to all if really want it to work?
J Gif
0 #1 soundcloud?J Gif 2015-05-27 14:17
why do you have to have a soundcloud with 250 followers? what about facebook artist page, or youtube videos with a certain no. of views?

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