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Sucha Soorma by Kulwinder Billa been pulled by the BBC after the Mirror raised the alarm


Kulwinder Billa's Sucha Soorma song glorifying so-called honour killings has been pulled by the BBC after the Mirror raised the alarm.

Sucha Soorma, by Punjabi singer Kulwinder Billa, tells of a man murdering his adulterous sister-in-law and her lover – and the video for it shows both killings. But after the Mirror alerted Beeb bosses they pulled it from the airwaves, saying it was “inappropriate”.

Jasvinder Sanghera of anti-honour violence charity Karma Nirvana said: “I am extremely disappointed at how we have even allowed air for the messages this song gives. “This song reinforces the consequence of not only significant harm but death, it reinforces the message that you can be killed for bringing such shame.

“Victims will watch this and be further silenced and perpetrators and those with like minds that uphold honour systems will praise it. "This song is irresponsible and it should not be played as it demonstrates supporting it.”

Sucha Singh is originally a folk story about a man who lived in Punjab more than 100 years ago and in the story is said to have restored the family honour by killing his sister-in-law Balbiro and her alleged extramarital lover Ghukkar.

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This video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing - Viewer discretion advised.