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Out Now: Premi Johal Feat MR P - New Jago

Premi Johal’s music has always demanded the attention of all who have affection for Punjabi music and he is now worked with Mr P on his upcoming track 'New Jago' listen to Promo here!

Talking to him about the project, "I have been busy with a worldwide tour over the last four years. As one of the original traditional singers I am renowned for evergreen songs like “Tina oh Tina” and many more."

Premi Johal is famous for songs loved by the whole family which he writes and composes. His main intention has been to sing songs which will be enjoyed by young and old, and well known for occasion songs such as “ Happy Birthday” “ Choora” “ Milni” etc.

"For a long time now, I had it in my heart of doing another Jago song, and due to public demand I wrote and composed “New Jago". I decided to try a new sound and am very pleased to say that MR P has done a fantastic job of creating such a dynamic sound which will get everyone onto the dance floor. I hope you will enjoy and give this song the appreciation it deserves."