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"Meri Jaan" Featuring Kash Azaad by MR P (Out Now)

After nearly 2 years, Mr P resurfaces to collaborate with one of the lead singers from the well renowned Bhangra band ‘Azaad’; Kash Azaad to bring you a warm heartfelt and harmonious love song called ‘Meri Jaan’

After the release of Mr P’s debut album ‘He’s Here’ in 2013, which included tracks such as Rab Utte, Pangha and Chaklo Chaklo (Featured on a Bollywood ‘Wannabe’ Interactive game) and vocals by Hema Sharma, Meet Malkit, Bakshi Billa and other leading artists, was not just an amazing musical journey but also an excellent exposure to enhance his musical talents. The album on a personal level was very successful, however Mr P knew he had to return back to the basics and further develop his art of producing music to be able to create new and innovative music designs, in line with the needs and wants of the Music Industry.

Originally, the composition of the music had been something that Mr P had worked on previously for many months, waiting for the right artist to transition into the melody both vocally and emotionally. Throughout his childhood, Mr P had always listened to Kash Azaad, starting from when he was a part of Azaad group right up to his recent release of ‘Zindagi’. Thereon, realising that Kash had the strong melodious voice that would be most appropriate for the proposed track.

After approaching Kash, Mr P enlightened him on his music and lyrics idea. Within a few days, Kash got back in contact with full song lyrics and a promo of his singing accompanied by his harmonium. Mr P was very impressed with his vocal, in terms of his tone and power, thus a week later studio sessions began and on 30th April 2015 will be here for you all to enjoy!

A massive thank you to ‘Paul Sampson’ for all the extra emergency studio recordings that were needed adjust and produce the song, including the hours and days spent working on fresh and original music pieces. In the process, Mr P even learnt to play a ‘Bulbul Tarang’, which formed various pieces of the song. Another great thanks to ‘Sabrina Chander’ for the countless hours of input on all of the projects. Lastly, many thanks to everybody who has supported Mr P’s music from day one and those who are yet to discover the upcoming music producer!

Watch one of Kash's Video below!