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International Teams Register for Bhangra Wars 2015

Bhangra Wars 2015 is set to go INTERNATIONAL this year! International teams are being welcomed to apply to the UKs Biggest Open Bhangra competition taking place in October 2015!

Bhangra Wars is presented by and prides itself in being the first ever UK Bhangra Competition open to all Professional Bhangra Dance Groups, Bhangra Dance Academies, University Bhangra Societies, and Competition-Only Groups.

The aim of this competition is a simply one; "Helping Charity through Culture" and to appreciate Bhangra by exposing the art form internationally.

There is already excitement about this year and a positive buzz is already in the air. This year will most definitely allure significant media attention globally. The competition is now ready to allow international teams to come and compete on UK soil. How phenomenal is this? It is a golden opportunity not to be missed by Bhangra Teams worldwide.

For those Teams who are always passionate about Bhangra have been granted another platform to expose their talent - this is your chance once again. Be true to your desire to win and register now for one of the most anticipated competitions of 2015!!