*Ajaxxx Releases "The Way I Iz" feat. Oddeo* (Promo)

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Orlando, FL - In 2005, *Ajaxxx* released the widely acclaimed "*It's About Time! The Mixtape *." The 24-track mix CD spawned several singles that gained national and international radio play, helping *Ajaxxx* make a name for himself. He followed the release with the " *Something to Prove.

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*" Promo, a collection of exclusive songs and freestyles combined with music he recorded for other DJs and producers. Now, on the heels of its success, * Ajaxxx* returns with his newest endeavor: "*Something to Prove*." And with the CD just about ready to drop, he presents to you the first official release from it - " *The Way I Iz*" featuring *Oddeo*.

Since its debut, the track has been turning heads and leaving listeners wanting more. "*The Way I Iz *" features the exceptionally charged and vivid rhyming skills of *Ajaxxx* alongside the smooth, energetic vocals of *Oddeo*. This is not the first time the two have collaborated either: the Orlando-based pair can be heard on such releases as the smash hit "* Daydreamin' *" and the inspirational anthem "*Field of Dreams. This time, however, *Ajaxxx* has got *Something to Prove*.



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