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Bhangra Wars Is Set to Return this October!

Presented by Media and Entertainment giants, Bhangra Wars the Well loved Open Bhangra Competition which created a buzz of excitement for Bhangra Dancers in the UK and beyond is back!

The UK based Bhangra Competition is set to return to the Midlands on Saturday 17th October 2015.

As always Bhangra Wars anticipates to give a platform to Independent, University and Bhangra Academy Teams to compete and raise the bar for Bhangra once again.

UK teams can register from Monday 30th March at 9pm by visiting Registration will close on Sunday 19th April at 9pm.

Bhangra Wars is a non-profit event and will be raising funds and awareness for Two Charities which will be announced in due course.

It's safe to say that BHANGRA WARS is BACK!

Check out the images from the 2013 Bhangra Wars show - click the links below:

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Bhangra Wars 2013 - The Rehearsals

Bhangra Wars 2013 - The Event