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Kanika Kapoor attacks Dr Zeus on Radio & Social Media

Kanika Kapoor today sensationally denied on live radio that Dr Zeus produced the hit song 'Baby Doll' and attacks Dr Zeus on twitter!

The controversy regarding "Baby Doll" stems from its original release, when the Meet Bros were credited as producers of the song in the official credits. Dr Zeus, at the time took to social media to explain how he was dissapointed that his production was not recognised on the song.

In todays BBC Asian Network end of year chart show with Suzi Mann Dr Zeus explained the Baby Doll situation live on radio.

Dr Zeus came on radio to talk about the song 'Mittran De Boot' and explained how he was not credited for the song 'Baby Doll' after Suzi Mann brought up the issue;


"To be honest, its quite a sad story on my side. I was asked to do this 'Baby Doll' song, it was originally called 'Barbie Doll' but they had to change it due to copyrights at the last minute.

I recorded all the vocals in my studio with Kanika, I produced that whole song and it was a case of the Meet Brothers turned around to me and said 'We're the producers of this song'.

I said 'What have you done'

Meet bros said to me that 'We made the composition'"

Dr Zeus carried on explaining to Suzi Mann

"It's a law in India that if you're a composer you're credited as the producer

Vishal Shekar co-wrote a little bit of the verse on Lovely, and if you listen to it and doesn't sound like they've done it. These are the politics I have to deal with in India & stuff.

Its just unfortunate, the whole project was given to Vishal Shekar. I explained the Baby Doll situation to Shah Rukh Khan and he promised I would get credited & he would shoot a remix video with me.

To be honest, I cant complain, when they launched the track, Shah Rukh called me & Kanika on stage"


Kankika Kapoor was interviewed shortly after to talk about 'Baby Doll' as it had claimed the No.1 spot. Live on BBC Asian Network on air with Suzi Mann stated that she did not know about Zeus's claims about producing Baby Doll;

"I actually don't know what you're talking about, no I dont think so, that's not the right thing to say.

The track was written, composed and produced for me, in the Meet Brothers studio, in Mumbai, India.

It was written by Kumar and it was done infront of me, if they took some help on music production from Zeus, then thats between them two. It was certainly not produced by Zeus, no no.

You cannot credit somebody for the wrong thing. It was composed, the song, the melody, credit firstly goes to Kumar who wrote the song. What made the song was the lyrics. The composition was done by Meet Brothers infront of me. We do respect Dr Zeus"

Kanika Kapoor then took to social media to attack Dr Zeus