What's your favourite Jazzy B song of 2014?

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The President of Bhangra Jazzy B had another remarkable year, releasing a number of hit songs & starring in the movie Romeo Ranjha! We want to know what was your best Jazzy B song of 2014?

Jazzy B started the year with 'Singhan Diyan Gaddiyan' alongside Popsy! The song came out in February and instantly proved a huge success.

In May 2014, Jazzy B starred alongside Garry Sandhu in the Punjabi movie 'Romeo Ranjha'. One of the most popular songs from the film was 'Jugnu'

In October we saw Jazzy B in his first ever female duet song on the single 'Mitran De Boot' - teaming up with the unstoppable Dr Zeus and vocalist Kaur B, the single proved an instant folk hit worldwide racking up an enormous 6 million views already!

On the same day as 'Mitran De Boot', the single 'Ghora' hit Youtube. Coming from the film 'Yoddha' - feat Kulwinder Singh Sidhu (Sadda Haq)

In December Jazzy B collaborated with MTV India for their 'Spoken Word' series alongside Music MG for the single 'Rise Above Hate'.

Finally, to end the year Jazzy B worked alongside long time friend Sukshinder Shinda for 'Collaborations 3'. The single 'Ni Jehra Tere Vich Bolda' was the third collaboration between the duo.

What was your favourite Jazzy B song of 2014? Let us know in the comments below!


+3 #4 RE: What's your favourite Jazzy B song of 2014?zooooooozzz 2014-12-29 21:07
none. they all were crap. jazzy hasnt been gud since romeo lol. time to retire?????
-2 #3 RE: What's your favourite Jazzy B song of 2014?0000 2014-12-23 16:32
Popsy, zeus n shinda were my favourites with jazzy b
-2 #2 RE: What's your favourite Jazzy B song of 2014?desiranjha 2014-12-23 15:00
jugnu for mean song with good meanng folk was where jazzy started is his his favorite and best type of music and where he gets booked for the most
-6 #1 RE: What's your favourite Jazzy B song of 2014?lajii 2014-12-23 13:29
Rise above hate very different from his normal stuff despite people saying if he shouldn't have shows the versatile singer he is.

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