Bonafide - JAAN - JC SONA (REMIX)

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JC Sona is back with an official remix of ‘Jaan’ by the one and only Maz from Bonafide featuring Mr Riz of the chart topping group “Sona Family”.

The original track hit over 1 million views on YouTube as well as being a worldwide success. This remix has added a touch of versatility to the original eastern inspired track to switch up the genre; definitely something different from any producer currently within the industry. As a thank you from JC, Maz and New Music ‘Jaan’ is currently available as a free download.

JC is creating his own unique sound and constantly re-energising his brand. Continuing his love for the music industry and gaining that much needed release from everyday life, JC will be releasing a number of tracks as free downloads for you to access in 2015.

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