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Album Presentation: Anita Lerche - Sadke Punjab Ton

Enjoy the presentation video for Anita Lerche's second Punjabi album 'Sadke Punjab Ton' which will be released November, 2014. The album include songs that have been produced in India, Denmark and the UK and it also include her first Hindi song 'India'.

World Artist Anita Lerche embarked on her journey through India when she was introduced to Punjabi culture. Ever since the release of her debut Punjabi album ‘Heer From Denmark’ Anita has been touring the globe and has received numerous Awards & Honors. She has been featured on several music collaborations. Anita comes from Denmark with a passion for music and singing and has evolved into a prominent figure who is instrumental in promoting Punjabi culture on a global scale.

Now she digs deeper and releases 'Sadke Punjab Ton', an ode to the culture that has transformed her life. This album highlights the cultural diversity of India and portrays Anita’s love for the country through her first Hindi song – 'India'.

Anita shares many personal anecdotes through this album and exhibits all forms of her creativity as her compositions and lyrics add vibrancy and richness to the album. Stunning visuals showcase the true spirit of the golden era of Punjab that many have forgotten or never experienced. Anita's journey forays into the love and life of Punjab. She weaves a tapestry with her voice, words and music that comes alive and the listener drenches in the true fragrance of Punjab.

With an experience so enriching, Anita furthers her impact on the Punjabi, global community through her album 'Sadke Punjab Ton' with the guidance of her teachers and music producers.


- Sadke Punjab Ton

- Sammi

- Main Koka Laina

- India

- Chandani

- Jugni

- Merea Ranjha

Bonus Tracks:

- Mahia Ve

- Soniye

Music Producers:

- Gurmoh, IN

- Flavasia (Kully B & Gussy G), UK,

- Stephan Grabowski, DK,

- Nasima Music, DK