Manie releases Crazy!

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Presenting brand new song CRAZY in voice of Maine. The lyrics are written by Sukhbeer Brar out via T-Series!


Born in Amritsar, Manie grew up in Kolkata and gained music experience in Delhi & Mumbai. Manie attained his classical training from Pt. Hari Charan Verma (Rajasthan Gharana) and draws inspiration from the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab. Manie is a perfectionist when it comes to music, often spending countless hours in the studio until he is satisfied with the quality of the track. His music hits you much like a boxers glove, leaving you breathless for a moment. Thats when you realise: Manie is unlike anyone you have heard before.

Much of the music is a product of his imagination and technical skills. His fans have described his voice as a Gift of God because of its ability to touch hearts. His mission is to become a successful Singer and Music Composer of original tunes by experimenting with the right permutation and combination of notes.

In other words, music is his muse. Manie makes music come alive, transcending language, culture and race. He strongly believes music is very powerful in bridging gaps between races. He has a passion for music and has learnt to play various musical instruments since his early childhood. It is the emotions, exuberance and energy packed into his songs that make him stand out from the crowd. Manie takes music to a whole new different level. He has an uncanny ability to take a track and spin it on its head. Add to that a voice that spans three octaves and you have a typical Manie Singh number.

His voice ranges from spiritually pure when singing ragas to downright punchy as Punjabi takes over from Hindi and the dance floor comes alive.

The best part about Manie Singhs sophisticated blend of genres is that he sounds like no one other than himself. With his distinctive music and vocals, he will definitely be going places and putting his style of Indian music on the global map.

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