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Introducing the Learn Bhangra App - get fit, burn calories and have fun!

So what exactly is Bhangra anyway? And how does the Learn Bhangra app work? Introducing the Learn Bhangra App, a revolutionary new way to get fit, burn calories, and have fun!

Bhangra is an energetic, colorful dance that originated in the fields of Punjab in South Asia. Now, it’s the newest dance phenomenon spreading all over the world. It has been performed on TV on America’s Got Talent, at the London Olympics, and even at the White House!

The Learn Bhangra App demonstrates popular steps through a novel new cardiovascular exercise program that simultaneously teaches you a new dance and tones your body. You progress at your own pace through instructional videos that break down individual steps, and then move on to the challenging workout videos that piece it all together.

The app keeps track of your calories burned, points accumulated, and other metrics so you can measure your progress. Once you’ve set up an account, you can later log in and switch to any other iOS or Android device.

The app’s unique forum and leaderboard features allow you to stay connected with the Learn Bhangra app community. You can share your progress, ask questions, and even submit videos to get feedback on how you’re doing!

The app also features periodic challenges and contests, where you can win prizes, varying from Learn Bhangra App gear and merchandise to free workshops conducted by the instructors.

The best part? It’s free to download! So the question becomes…

Why not Learn Bhangra?

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