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Video: Bir Singh ft. Abhey Singh - Forever Alone


After the success of 'TAAJ-The Turban Anthem', The Bleeding Nibs presents its latest music video 'Forever Alone'. The energetic vocals of Bir Singh, the ecstatic rap and lyrics by Abhey Singh and the trending music by CP Singh has been a breath of fresh air.

This video is Abhey's debut as a Video Director as well.  As the title suggests, the music video talks about the perks of being single with a conclusive message of importance of family and parents' selfless love.

At a young age of only 19 years, Bir Singh is emerging as an enthusiastic and promising singer and seems to be getting popular among the Punjabi youth. After producing two tracks of very different genres, CP Singh can prove to be a very versatile music producer in the industry. On the other hand, Abhey, who started his career as an underground rapper, has widened his artistic skill set with this music video.