Parminder Prince's comeback single 'Long Route' (Music: Rayman Bhuller)

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Frontline Media & Royal Academy of Bhangra present the trucker anthem of the summer - "Long Route". The single 'Long Route' marks the return of Punjabi folk vocalist Parminder Prince.

Prince returned to the studio after a 9 year hiatus since his album 'Sohniyen Saunh Teri' which released back in 2005 on T-Series. Since then Prince has been actively training and spending his time on the stage singing folk boliyan for the masses throughout North America. The re-launch sees Prince embark on a new chapter in his career combining his raw talent with the sounds of Canadian bhangra. His high pitch, powerful and raw desi vocal resonate in the new single produced by musical powerhouse Rayman Bhuller (RBM).

Rayman has emerged into the production line after having spent much time behind the curtain. Music has always been an integral part of his life. He continues to learn music from his guru in Bombay, Ustad Ramzu Mohd. With training, creativity, and devotion, Rayman seeks a new dawn in the Bhangra world. It's a dream of his to one day very soon see a competitive music industry in Canada. 2013 embarks on a new chapter for Rayman as he has launched his own production house Rayman Bhuller Music (RBM) Productions to launch new talent as well as working with established artists on an international level.

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