Moviebox sign Saini Surinder!

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Moviebox are proud to announce the official signing of 'Saini Surinder' who is a versatile Punjabi singer and performer with a great future ahead of him.

They are both planning future music releases to cement his presence in the live scene in UK and all over the world and key markets such as India in line with the recent successful launch of Moviebox India.

Saini quotes " I am looking forward working closely with Moviebox, being the market leaders. I am excited about future prospects and am looking to build a long term association which will be of mutual benefit".

Moviebox add "Saini is a fantastic artist we are proud to have him onboard along with our great roaster of artists; the joint vision for Saini to take advantage of our infrastructure and wealth of experience in the music business and we aim to work closely together to achieve the shared vision".


+5 #6 bad movevikz 2014-04-19 20:38
bad move on Saini's part. e3uk was much better label. but then again, he's been releasing singles for almost 3 years now without any album in sight so who knows why he left
-2 #5 RE: Moviebox sign Saini Surinder!Epic 2014-04-19 20:28
Quoting MeetTheKing:
Moviebox sign all these manz up..but never release nothing? what's fookin point!.

They release multi cds in India and make ££
+3 #4 RE: Moviebox sign Saini Surinder!MeetTheKing 2014-04-19 20:24
Moviebox sign all these manz up..but never release nothing? what's fookin point!.
+5 #3 RE: Moviebox sign Saini Surinder!chinajatt 2014-04-19 19:34
moviebox dont care about their artists
+2 #2 RE: Moviebox sign Saini Surinder!Epic.. 2014-04-19 18:38
yeh he tried it on loads of girls i kno saying lets make a video of us 2 on my mobile!!!!!! what a fudu [censored]c00d! !
+4 #1 RE: Moviebox sign Saini Surinder!baunzy 2014-04-19 17:44
ANother freshie movie people in India so big headed and money minded seriously this will do nothing for his career

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