Jaz Dhami releases lyric video for 'Zulfa'

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After the release of 'Zulfa Reprise' - Jaz Dhami releases the lyric video to the hit single 'Zulfa'

You've seen mainstream artists do it - now JAZ DHAMI becomes the FIRST British Asian artist to launch a specially made LYRIC VIDEO for the winter hit ZULFA!

The music video has hit over a million views in one month and topped charts worldwide.

Adding to this immense success - Zulfa Reprise and Zulfa (original) both shared the two top spots on the Official World iTunes chart.

Jaz Dhami "The love for Zulfa has been so crazy, thank you for all your kind messages. I've had lots of requests to post the lyrics, I thought lets do one better and launch a lyric video - hope you guys enjoy it"

Thanks for your continued support.


Fake hits
+5 #2 RE: Jaz Dhami releases lyric video for 'Zulfa'Fake hits 2014-01-10 16:13
Jaz Dhami always buying hits on his videos
+5 #1 RE: Jaz Dhami releases lyric video for 'Zulfa'roachi. 2014-01-10 14:07
1 million hits with 3000 likes lets be honest about the real views which could be around 100k, shame artists need to do this, sorry *thumbs down*

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