RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 7

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UK Asian music outfit RDB are set to feature in the seventh installement of the multi-billion grossing 'Fast & Furious' series alongside T-Pain!

We hear that popular desi band from UK, RDB and Nindy Kaur who are currently in the news for their collaboration with Grammy winner T-Painare going to feature in Fast & Furious 7, courtesy, the global rapper himself!

T-Pain will be making his debut on the big screen and has requested his film directors to consider his fellow musicians RDB to be a part of the film in some way to bring a desi element to the film. Apaprently T-Pain is completely in love with India and due to his proximity with RDB, the band figures on the top of his favourite list of people. Interestingly RDB will be the only Indian to feature in the film. Last we hear, that Deepika Padukone had citied date issues for not being able to be part of the film.

Ankit Khanna from RDB states, "RDB is a global brand. They have been approached several times in the past with film offers due to their captivating person but the script wasn't just right. Plus it would be a double bonanza for any film production house as they can sing and act at the very same time."



0 #6 RE: RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 7Juknowwwww 2014-02-17 11:21
How's this going to work now, if RDB doesn't exist anymore?
Brown Guy
+2 #5 RE: RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 7Brown Guy 2013-12-24 20:01
Big up to them, but hopefully they don't show off and say some cheesy lines lol. Manj better not baisti himself, and put a bad name for us punjabis, as he's already done with his music so far, by collaboratiing with T-Pain, and creating a baisti song which his kid sings. Other than that, respect.
+9 #4 RE: RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 7DilliWaliGF 2013-12-20 22:51
Mad respect to RDB for bagging this gig.
Kuly is watchin the RDB brand makin its name bigger...
Manj is a loser and hopefully he can prove me wrong once and for all
+12 #3 RE: RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 7Realist. 2013-12-20 22:39
Congratulations to them, however as a bhangra fan im not going to get my hopes up, it will probably be an extremely wack and cheesy cameo, much like what they do in bollywood...but as always it will be good to see some singhs on the big screen (it will be another huge ego boost for Manj,and im sure he'll let us know how much money hes making and how hes 'doing it big!!!')
+4 #2 RE: RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 70000 2013-12-20 22:17
Doin it big
+2 #1 RE: RDB to feature in Fast & Furious 7shaanti 2013-12-20 22:05

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