Pree Mayall & Param Singh release Tere Utteh

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Pree Mayall is finally back! After two years of waiting, the audience deserves what they've been anticipating in the next hit "Tere Utteh". After the recent move to his new home in New York, Pree Mayall had linked up with Param Singh and introduced him to the industry.

Since the lyrics, composition and production to the song were already prepared, the only missing ingredient to the new flavor of sound was Param's voice. In this record, Pree Mayall & Param challenge their audience to evolve with the bhangra industry.

By incorporating a style of pop along with the legendary Ranjit Dhaliwal's lyrics, they create the perfect hybrid of traditional and modern bhangra music. It is the beginning of a new era, so be sure to be a part of it and watch the official music video now!

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