Is there a solution to this never ending Bhangra beef?

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bhangra beef

We all have the right to express opinions but there seems to be a lack of ability amongst Asian artists to accept opinions ...

A couple of months ago a “bhangra beef” started on a social network called Twitter mainly between two artists from the bhangra industry. Things seemed to have settled between them after they spoke on the phone to each other which I am sure is great news.

A debate show namely “broken silence” on a well known TV channel has been running for a while where various issues are discussed with guests. The new series started on the 26th November 2013. Reportedly, during the debate, the presenter mentioned “the TV channel is a platform for Asian music artists to get into the mainstream” but one of the guests challenged her by saying it’s not a platform to the mainstream music. I guess it would make sense for him to say that as a music channel that only promotes Asian music and is viewed mostly by Asians is not a gateway to the mainstream industry.

However, this bit of footage has been edited out and not shown to the public and it all started exchanges of various comments on Facebook and tweets by the presenter and the artist. Is the programme really ‘broken silence” or do you think the broadcaster reserved the right to edit out any comments made against them?

Let me now move on to another story. The guy who created Punjabi rap, Bohemia, seems to have been speaking disrespectfully about the Indian rapper known as Yo Yo Honey Singh as shown in the video below. Why are these people all of a sudden breaking out their hate towards each other within the past couple of months?  Read what people had to say about that -  Is Bohemia dissing Yo Yo Honey Singh?

We’ve seen an outbreak in number of artists using social media and TV to make negative comments about each other and some even went to the extent of making YouTube videos giving strong opinions and discussing “fake” people. Even more interestingly, some have created fake twitter profiles to talk about “fake” artists. I have personally never experienced seeing so much hate between artists in such a short amount of time and I am confident most readers will agree with this. There must be something about the last few months of 2013 that is making people do this!

We all have the right to express opinions but then there is a difference between expressing an opinion and aggressively hating on people on social media.  There seems to be a lack of ability amongst Asian artists to accept opinions.  Are these so called artists setting a good example for the younger generation?  Can they not take their beefs off social media and sort things out on the phone or something?  Would it not be a wonderful industry if everyone respected and supported each other and spread love?

Why do you think there is an influx in number of people being disrespectful to competitors in the last few months?

Are they simply doing this to gain attention and get known?

Can I just make it clear that this article is merely for information and discussion purposes only without any intention to cause any offence to any music artist or media group.

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0 #5 Is there a solution to this never ending Bhangra beef?Blondell 2017-04-03 18:39
There hasnt been any good beef / well debate recently :O
+2 #4 RE: Is there a solution to this never ending Bhangra beef?Realist. 2013-12-04 09:17
The older more seasoned artists are silent and keep to themselves; too busy trying to make more money and more friends so once they leave the industry they can stil have an input. They also lend their support to wack artists and if a new and upcoming 'good' artist criticises these wack artists all the fans that the older artist has amassed are ready to protect the members of his team due to some sense of false loyalty.
This 'bhangra beef' is just lame because the artists partaking in it are generally being hypocrities as they're all pretty much the same.
Until somebody gets jumped and the video gets put on Worldstar, this is just grown men argueing over twitter to try are make themselves seem like the saviour of the industry so they can get the hardcore bhangra fans on their side.
The Unit
+2 #3 a thought.The Unit 2013-12-04 00:30
I think there are a few problems within this industry, for one its run highly unprofessionall y. two, some of the music to come out of the UK over the last few years has been utterly disappointing and somewhat repetitive in sound frustrating! I think for the most part most artists have forgotten why they started out in the industry, and they themselves have changed and soled themselves out. lol! Brit Asia is a joke channel, they may in some parts be showing actual good content, but for the most part they play anyone that pays them. ANYONE! :/ ...sad really when you think that a decade ago the industry was booming, its not what it used to be, and it never will be if peoples attitudes don't change. How can an industry expect to be taken seriously when they themselves cannot take things seriously? Respect. Keep it positive.
+4 #2 RE: Is there a solution to this never ending Bhangra beef?0000 2013-12-03 14:54
It de[censored]ds who says it for example if a big respected producer, singer or rapper usually says something i usually agree with them but when ppl like onkar go around making big statements when they dont really have much talent or even any albums to back themselves up it seems like jealousy. Bohemia did start of the punjabi rap but honey singh has done well, as a producer he has big tunes.
+3 #1 NOIndy22 2013-12-03 13:04
There will always be this. It's jealousy. That onkar has a right attitude th git. With regards to Bohemia, he seems to be teaming up with Imran Khan against Honey Singh God knows why? There must be something to it other than jealousy. Bohemia is the one who invented punjabi rap whereas honey singh is just a lame ass freshy.

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