Rajeev B Unleashes 'The B-Mix Chapter 2' (Free Download)

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The B-Mix Chapter 2

Diwali is over but the biggest cracker of the year is just about to explode! It's time to B-Famous again with the ultimate mash-up by one of the biggest names in the DJ industry. Rajeev B delivers the B-Mix Chapter 2 due to the humongous response to the first chapter back in February this year.

The mix-tape contains 12 current bangers with an extra 3 bonus tracks and includes a version of 'Gabru' by Yo Yo Honey Singh which features controversial references to Imran Khan's 'Satisfya' reminding us of the internet 'beef' earlier this year!

Rajeev says:"I've had so many people approach me and give me positive messages both from the industry and general public alike! I decided another album had to happen. I created so many tracks that they wouldn't fit on the album so I've shifted a couple to Chapter 3 which will be out in Feb next year!"

Rajeev is relishing on the success and bookings that Chapter 1 is still bringing in. With one of the big tracks on the previous mix-tape, 'Patandra' being featured in a Brit-Bollywood film releasing this Christmas called 'Born to be King', 2014 is going to be one to remember for the young music maker.

Rajeev is part of the high profile collective 'Kudos Music' and is a master in the art of the mix-tape. Chapter 1 of the series became the 'official free giveaway' at this years Bhangra Showdown at the Hammersmith Apollo with over 2000 copies of the album being distributed on the night. Rajeev has his sights set on doing the same next year.

Rajeev has a message for his supporters: "I just want to give a massive thank you to all my family, friends, supporters and well wishers from all over the globe who took the time to listen to my work. It's really been overwhelming to know so many people have so many stories to tell about Chapter 1. Whether it be a Facebook message, a tweet, email, phone call or anything, just hearing that people all over were listening to my mixtape whilst partying, exercising, driving or even working was worth all the hardwork. I really hope everyone likes Chapter 2 and please continue giving me your feedback. Afterall, the music is for you!"

'The B-Mix Chapter 2? will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from on 6th November 2013. It will also be available as a physical CD distributed via E3UK, Kudos Music, Compare The Mandap and various other distributors up & down the country.


0 #7 Rajeev B Unleashes 'The B-Mix Chapter 2' (Free Download)Stella 2017-04-05 20:14
When is the next one?
-1 #6 RE: Rajeev B Unleashes 'The B-Mix Chapter 2' (Free Download)chinajatt 2013-11-09 10:31
hes used the same beat to remix all the songs hahaha
-1 #5 RE: Rajeev B Unleashes 'The B-Mix Chapter 2' (Free Download)Truth 2013-11-08 15:03
Blatantly Angels work. Although its probably Rajeevs idea's
+3 #4 RE: Rajeev B Unleashes 'The B-Mix Chapter 2'Sanjzy 2013-11-08 14:38
Who really does the mixing?
+4 #3 RE: Rajeev B Unleashes 'The B-Mix Chapter 2' (Free Download)LOL-E 2013-11-05 13:42
Mixtape k1nG!
+5 #2 reshama 2013-11-04 22:57
Prefect timing for the [censored] parties get the dancing shoes on xx
manu sara petha
+5 #1 manu sara petha 2013-11-04 22:50
wow love this remix the last one was good and this is just as good lol thanks

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