Rabbi Shergill - Tun Milen (The Ghost of LSD) (Promo)

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Rabbi Shergill is back with his new single Tun Milen - The Ghost Of LSD, check the promo here!

'Tun Milen - The Ghost of LSD' is written by Rabbi as an invocation of the late Punjabi poet Lal Singh Dil, the poignancy of whose troubled life story is perhaps akin to Van Gogh. Like whom, he's destined for posthumous glory and lasting influence on Indian poetry--not the least for expressing precisely and dignifiedly the wretchedness of life of those on the fringes of Indian society.
Rabbi borrows and adapts two lines from his poem 'Tur Giaa Koi Dil Ch Lae Ke Saadgi' for the chorus and fuses them with his own verses. It's set to uptempo Punjabi dholaks, funk electric guitars and Rabbi's unique lyrics.
Sonically, it's like most of Rabbi's oeuvre--a guitar feast. It's an assured and poetic Punjabi song that knows its place in the world.


0 #1 Mr.Srikumar 2013-11-10 12:23
Thanks for the info.Really loved the video & music.
Rabbi Rocks!!

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