Bhangra Wars 2013 - Official Videos

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.50 (1 Vote) presented the 3rd Annual Bhangra Wars UK Bhangra Competition - the most anticipated event of 2013 for the UK Bhangra calendar. Bhangra Wars 2013 took place at the prestigious Adrian Boult Hall on Saturday 5th October in the city of Birmingham, also known as the birthplace of Bhangra. 

Bhangra Wars motto is to "help charity through culture" and the chosen charities for 2013 were Khalsa Aid and Focus Panjab. Both organisations are deserving of awareness wherever possible for the global humanitarian work they carry out. A substantial amount of £3000 was raised through profits alone. This year another charity was also added; the British Sikh Doctors Organisation. This non-profit organisation also believes in self-less serving of the community but through the means of providing free health screening events nationwide.  There was no question but to help raise awareness for the amazing work that the dedicated health professionals conduct. Through the means of this event alone global awareness was successfully reached.

The fully sold out cultural family show Opened with a bilingual presentation in Panjabi and English accompanied by subtitles, this set the scene for the audience that the event will be a memorable Panjabi experience. This was followed by an Exclusive Opening Act from Folk Bhangra Duo Saini Surinder and Gupsy Aujla. They never fail to disappoint and with the backing of veteran Bhangra dancers from the Official Gabhru camp the electrifying performance was complete. The evening was hosted by likeable BBC Asian Network Radio presenter and Bhangra fanatic Dipps Bhamrah. His professional yet intimate approach to the entire show was positively taken.

The Competition commenced with a surprisingly strong Traditional performance from well known contemporary Female only Professional Team Asian Street Remix who defeated their Rival Team Match-up; Ankhile Girls.  It is safe to say that both teams have set a high standard for Female Bhangra dancers in the UK.

The 3rd Competitive Team was Gabru Chel Chabileh, often referred to as the "Dark Knights of Bhangra" Their performance was signature to them with routines never seen before which allowed them to remain unique. They too were defeated by their Rival Team Match-up; Ankhi Jawan from London who performed in 4th place. Ankhi Jawan graced the stage with their debut performance, the team consists of some of the most experienced Male Bhangra Dancers in the UK. Their smooth executions and powerful performance put them as the audiences favourite in the first half of the competition.

The popular Ankhile Putt Punjab De and Nachda Sansaar from Birmingham performed thereafter with creative Musical Mixes.  However, the well executed routine and gracefulness of Nachda Sansaar was the key element to them being awarded the Rival Team Match-up Award.

The final two teams to take to the stage were Overall Winners Josh Valaithian Da and Gabhru Academy. Josh Valaithian stole the show by their flawless traditional routine and synchronised formations. The ideology behind the creation of the team was to promote bhangra dancing purely on a competitive stage platform, involving British Asians of varying ages, backgrounds and professions. Their team name is an expression of their identity as British youths, mostly of Punjabi descent, whom despite having been brought up in Britain retain a passion and enthusiasm for Punjabi folk dancing.

The Rival Match-up Teams were each awarded a gold-engraved glass plaque. The Winning Team was awarded a custom made gold-platted Bhangra Wars 2013 Award, £450 Cash Prize and a 6 month Marketing Campaign with Bhangra Media Group.
Bhangra Wars 2013 was no doubt a success and a showcase of the vibrant Panjabi Culture that is often lost in westernised countries. The show and competition has improved with each year and so has the calibre of dancers.

It is safe to say that Bhangra Wars allowed each member of the audience to appreciate the art-form in its truest


0 #3 Rajj 2013-10-13 12:37
Asian Street Remix girls smashed it.
0 #2 gurshchana 2013-10-10 14:28
amazing Punjabi - love the slow jams and urban beats - well done to all-
+4 #1 Realist. 2013-10-09 14:27
The teams are improving year on year and the song choices and mixes were brilliant, finally getting to a level where we can compete with NA.

Now they need to find those big 'bedroom' vocalists and get some boliyan battles going!!!

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