Late Night Live Sessions Vol 1 feat D-Sarb

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LateNiteStudios & Jeetiproductions are proud to present the launch of  "LATENITE LIVE SESSIONS" which will showcase acoustic live music filmed & recorded at LateNiteStudios each and every month featuring some of your favourite artists Vol 1. features the very talented D-Sarb


+1 #5 CommonDenominator 2013-10-12 23:15
D Sarb is a very underated singer. Possibly yes because he doesn't have that fake publicity image. Be yourself & it may take longer but at least you are true to yourself. Everything he has done within his camp has been good. Also a fan of charkey with Jeeti. Lisp can be ignored if pronunciation didn't stand out as much.

Advise... Don't work with DJ phudu Harps again.. Flop and FLOP!
+2 #4 blah 2013-10-12 13:55
yeah lets be honest he is a lot better than these artists in the UK. his videos are clean with no half naked girls. and his voice is good. nah I like this guy
-4 #3 bhanokiwala 2013-10-10 12:26
Just watched the last track again. Am i being an arse was he speaking any punjabi sounded like a load of squeaks and screeches. lol too funny and look at his expression really trying to be serious. Too funny
-5 #2 bhanokiwala 2013-10-10 12:21
I cannot even fathom why he would want to release any music. His lisp is really bad along with jaz Dhami and Benny Dhaliwal. At least get the Punjabi Diction right. All makes for Good comedy. I pissed my pants watching this. Thank you D Sarb for making me chuckle
+7 #1 Realist. 2013-10-08 19:37
For a UK Born vocalist he's very talented...if he didnt have the lisp it would be even better (but so does Jaz Dhami)...i personally feel he's being overlooked because he doesnt look a certain way i.e. he doesnt look like Jaz or H Dhami so isnt as marketable to little girls! (he still does have his groupies though)

I know people are going to comment and say he's rubbish compared to guys in india, and that he should give up if he cant sort out his lisp...but the music he releases (with his own camp) is always a good product and the lyrics and production are always top class (in my opinion)

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