Digitaal Project Update

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A little history about these people... Digitaalproject is based in Copenhagen – Denmark

Producer:  Mikkel Andersen – Danish, previously played both Metal (guitar) and still plays irish music on fiddle, specialised in tunes from Donegal. Mikkel has produced Desi music for only 3 years.  Mikkel arranged Juggy D and Bikram Singh in Denmark 2006, with promoter Andy Singh, man behind Scandinavias leading desi website. 

(Andy booked most of the large bhangra/bollywood related bands coming to Denmark, and helped other artists like Raghav and Bikram and others with tours.)

Lead singers: 

Muzzie  - brougth up in Denmark with family from Lahore and Nottingham. Loving bollywood especially the old stuff from 60’ies/70’ies.

Prabjit Singh– Living in Denmark since 1987 - originally from Amritsar. Playing and singing in the local gurudwara in Copenhagen.  

Mc Twisted – from Norwich, now living in Denmark recording and composing with other rappers and musicians  in a town called ‘Odense’. Has been rapping for about 9 years.  He started of in the undergound scene in Norwich beside rapping, he also did pirate radio back then (1997-98).  

LIVE: one of Gurcharan Malls (dholblasters/apna sangeet) students in Denmark  - Meeti Singh back us up on Dhol.

2005 nominated for danish worlds music awards with an asian underground track called ‘preet ki aag’ featuring a danish bass player (Jannick Naested) and a danish sitar player (Niss Jorgensen)

They plan to finish their cd in later this year with tracks in many flavours, but the core of it all still desi.  In March Teri Meri should be up on itunes.

More information: / 

And now we bring you an exclucive track, - Teri Meri - Digitaalproject feat. MC Twisted - Click Here To Listen 

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