Leicester’s ‘Singing Policeman’ calls for less ‘ego’ and more respect in his new song ‘Rohb’

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With the recent violence on the streets of Woolwich, a Leicester-based singing policeman’s new song has become more relevant than ever.


Kulbinder Rai has been working for the Police since 1994 and after just two years he was awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award by the Home Office. Witnessing violence and injustice on an everyday basis through his job and within the South Asian community his new Punjabi song ‘Rohb’ sends out a message to people in local communities to ‘Be Good and Do Good’. The song, which is released through Keda Records will see all proceeds of the sale being donated to Cancer Research.

The word “Rohb” means influence, pride or ego in Punjabi and the song looks at the negative effects that having too much ‘ego’ in society can have on individuals – especially when people choose to use their ‘position’ to manipulate and abuse others. The music has been arranged by Bhangra legend composer/musician Kuljit Bhamra (Bombay Dreams, BBC 3 Carmen, Bollywood to Hollywood) and was recorded in India and the UK with a full Mumbai orchestra.

Kulbinder Rai was awarded the Queens Gold Jubilee Medal for outstanding service to the Police Force in 2002 and went on to become a member of the International Police Association. In 2004 Kulbinder received the Long Service Medal. He has appeared in many TV documentaries offering an insight into the career of a policeman and was made a Governor for the City of Leicester College in 2012. In the same year, Kulbinder was awarded the prestigious Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal.

But his other great passion is music and in 2007 he pursued his interest in singing and recording – releasing his first album 'Khangoora' in 2008. Affectionately known as the ‘Singing Policeman’ he recorded and released his second album 'Mr Singh' in 2009. When his wife passed away in 2010 from cancer, Kulbinder went on to raise over £16,000 for charity – and the proceeds of this new song ‘Rohb’ will also be donated to Cancer Research in loving memory of Kulbinder’s wife Suhkninder Kaur Rai.

Kulbinder explains why the song’s message means so much to him:

“I wanted to use the power of music to reach out to the Asian community to address the many negative issues we are suffering from. Issues such as families demanding dowry when young couples get married; male dominance and oppression within the family; individuals showing disrespect for those less better off than themselves and what I believe is a breakdown in society of respect for tradition and family values. Above all, my message is that we should be good to one another as individuals and not let ‘ego’ get in the way.”

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