The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on Society

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Do you think artists need to change the style of their videos or what you or your family see in these videos does not have any effect on you? Share your thoughts ...

In the recent few years Bhangra music has become a visual phenomenon. There is a growing trend to produce a video for almost every song released instantly after the song is available to download. These videos will either show half undressed models, people drinking alcohol in a bar or expensive cars.

These artists are trying to act cool and copy the mainstream singers but the truth is they hardly make a few grand from a single which is just enough to pay their bills. The cars you see are mostly not even hired to keep production costs down, rather borrowed from someone they know. The luxury houses you see are never owned by these artists because they simply don’t make enough money. Above all, this “bling” culture does not simply fit in with desi music. It can be frustrating when the lyrics are completely different to what the music video is portraying which can sometimes spoil the whole song.

The question here is does anyone actually think what effect these music videos have on the society?

Let me draw attention to alcohol. Its common knowledge that an excessive amount of alcohol consumed is not good for health and most religions and our Asian culture are not in favour of it. Sadly, a large number of Bhangra music videos tend to have at least one scene showing it. Does being exposed to music videos that show alcohol being consumed make people want to drink?

Young people are more likely to be influenced because they simply have not had enough life experience to distinguish between what is reality and what is fantasy. Are artists indirectly encouraging young people to adopt this “drink and party” lifestyle? What artists or music video directors shouldn’t forget is what you produce gets aired on TV and kids as young as two year old end up watching it in their lounge! Furthermore, artists tend to become role models for their fans and people tend to emulate their screen character whether it is a good one or a bad one.

It surely can’t be argued that if all Bhangra music videos went “alcohol free” it would make people drinking less or not drinking at all because let’s not forget that there are mainstream music videos in addition to films and TV shows that even go as far as showing nudity. However, just because these things are more readily acceptable in western culture does not mean we should turn a blind eye to them and accept too. We should not be forgetting our traditional values and roots.

The other question that rises is what the future holds?

Are Asian artists likely to go as far as showing nude women on their videos like the mainstream artists?

Do you think artists need to change the style of their videos or what you or your family see in these videos does not have any effect on you?

Do leave your comments, videos that you feel meet these issues.

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The inspector
+4 #21 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyThe inspector 2013-11-08 17:54
Agree with Sunny. The message from Foji's whatever was complete the opposite. He does some of the cleanest and best videos around which we can all watch in front of family.
The real promoter would be someone like PBN.
+5 #20 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietySunnyInYerFace 2013-10-27 06:45
Quoting DalS:
Agreed but even Foji promotes alcohol in some of his videos like whatever.

Alcohol in your own yard with your homies is no crime, it's masti vaali sharaab. Different to getting wrecked in town and the other things that go on there. Apna Punjab Hove, Ghar Di Sharaab Hove.
-7 #19 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyDalS 2013-10-07 22:30
Agreed but even Foji promotes alcohol in some of his videos like whatever.
gurbhej singh
+6 #18 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on Societygurbhej singh 2013-09-30 11:55
you get these in india too it's not just a problem here.
there are a few which make good videos eg Foji gill his ideas are different like the flash mob, and bruah the one with kids was taking the piss out of videos implying that kids can do them type. there is no imagination in uk bhangra video makers and most the singers ain't got a clue.
T singh
+3 #17 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyT singh 2013-09-29 09:48
Good topics
Have to say that tracks about a caste is wrong and using girls to promote a track is even worse does that mean that producers say that worm are cheap and can be used for anything it seems so.
Plus why is that people say that videos relate to a song, when is a traditional song about a village and life have a car semi naked indian girl and blokes having drinks and smoking have a real meaning of the track beyond me,

Personally brit Asia should do more less of labelling girls are cheap slappers

Karan Kaur
+5 #16 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyKaran Kaur 2013-09-29 09:23
Most of the video directors don't have any vision as to where the videos going, same old rubbish and then blame it on the artist - keep it real to the lyrics/theme of the song
+4 #15 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyPrit... 2013-09-29 07:53
A top quality video is just as important as the music in the bhangra market now, as without the visual the awareness of the single will not reach the wider public audiences.
sunny in yer face
+6 #14 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on Societysunny in yer face 2013-09-28 22:49
Defo an issue worth raising, but wow the article is written with some venom!

The ppl who book those artists for weddings etc obviously don't feel especially strongly about it. The ppl who queue up for these artists gigs are kids brought up in a country which is fairly liberal about soft nudity. And has anyone (viewers or advertisers) boycotted the channel that shows them?

Also, from what I understand, the demand from our cousins in the motherland for this genre of video is only increasing.

If none of this stops, and people aren't prepared to vote with their feet, all we can do is live with it and maybe big up the songs which feature 'clean' videos.

But every generation has people who believe that youngsters are living in a fantasy world. But that fantasy becomes normality, and those youngsters grow up and say the same thing about the next generation....

.... Maamalaa Gadbad Hai.
+4 #13 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on Societysanjay. 2013-09-28 20:48
Good article highlights the issues for sure, artists tend to follow others or is it the director who makes the storyboard?

Look at the upcoming awards, best video selection is a joke the quality is ignored and artists/directo rs will continue as we the audience let it hap[censored].
Ranjit Singh.
+3 #12 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyRanjit Singh. 2013-09-28 17:07
Quoting Billa Bakshinder:
What's you lots problem about Jatt video? Don't like it don't watch it. If you wanna make a video about being Kumar, tarkhan, Christian or Buddhist go do it just stop telling jatts we shouldn't make Jatt videos and Jatt songs about our heritage. Hurr

Really that just shows how low people go when it comes to caste!! Its BHANGRA not a CAST, people seriously need to understand what the question is about.

JATT or not the quality of bhangra videos has degraded and the producers behind them keep recyling the same crap everytime and then go say we dont need any bbc download charts or itunes hits lol if it works it sells.
+3 #11 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyJk22 2013-09-28 15:37
Mr Bakshinder, since when does being a jatt involve drinking lots, half balked women and showing off in cars? I suggest you do some research on this topic. It is not only jatts that produce these videos.
+7 #10 RE: The Effect of Bhangra Music Videos on SocietyMrs 2013-09-26 15:10
This is a brilliant topic, music should help people in life and the music is also reflected through videos, at the end of the day we are all paving the way for the next generation and im bored to death of watching tarts in videos or alcohol songs.... out history and culture goes much deeper but we get stuck on the few things that just look cool...... at tthe end of the day no one wants there own sisters or wives jumping around like a 'easy' girl so why potray this as being fun!

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