Kateyez releases Deeper feat. RDB!

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KAT EYEZ last single “Send Me Your Love” sent his fans spinning, now the Canadian recording artist is back with another track that is guaranteed to set dance floors everywhere on fire! His single ‘DEEPER’ is off his new album BLAK TIGER and with its electrifying summer beats ‘DEEPER’ is entertainment all the way!!


This Bollywood influenced single has given KAT EYEZ an opportunity to show his fans a healthy taste of his Indian background and heritage - something we don’t usually hear from him. The music KAT EYEZ creates and performs is intended to entertain everyone, which you will see reflected in this latest ALBUM.

This greatly anticipated ALBUM ‘BLAK TIGER’, has been collaborated with Bollywood heavy-weights RDB, who have topped the charts in their respective industry and themselves worked with many known western artists including Ludacris on the track “Shera Di Kaum”.

Look out for the album BLAK TIGER - You definitely don’t want to miss out on this phenomenon.

Event dates, performances, videos, pictures and updates can be found on his website.

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