Bhangra Wars 2013 - 8th Competing Team Announcement

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Bhangra Wars has just got bigger and better as we introduce the New 8th Competing Team set to take on the challenge to being crowned the Winners of Bhangra Wars 2013 on Saturday 5th October at the legendary Adrian Boult Hall in the Culture Capital of Birmingham.

Last Month we saw the unfortunate withdrawal of Phulkari Mutiyara Di which led the Organising Committee of Bhangra Wars to search for a new team in order to match up Rival Teams. This 8th Team is Invitational only and needs no introduction. The dancers are amongst the most experienced when it comes to Competing at Bhangra Wars as they have competed every year since the birth of the Competition. This team will be a great Rival Team to go up against "Ankhi Jawan" who are dancers of great passion and talent.

Already we have 7 Competing Teams who adhere to strict Rules & Regulations and this new team will also be subject to the same. All 8 Competing Teams are of great calibar and have made the Competition tougher - we can openly say that this year is going to be the most anticipated as the teams gracing the stage are extremely driven and talented. Who wouldn’t want to witness some of the most talented UK Bhangra Dancers on one Stage? The excitement that comes with knowing that the Competing Performances are going to be like no other just leave the Organising Committee Speechless.

The Organising Committee of Bhangra Wars 2013 asked the New Team to Announce their part in Bhangra Wars 2013 by setting them the task of producing their own Promotional Video. Its time for the Announcement  - Are you prepared for this?

Be part of Bhangra Wars 2013 and experience what will be the most exciting Open UK Bhangra Competition to take place this year. You wouldn’t want to miss this!!

Bhangra Wars - 5th October - Birmingham

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