Sanal & Jaskurn Gosal team up for Sidhe Sadhe

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Sanal & Jaskurn Gosal team up for Sidhe Sadhe - Sanal (23) is fresh new voice from Brisbane, Australia. This track marks his debut into the bhangra industry and see's him collaborate with established music producer, Jaskurn Gosal (Haan Baliye, Nachne Da Mazza).

Being a fan of Babbu Mann and his distinct style, Sanal was determined to follow his passion of singing from a very young age. Growing up in his home town of Lamme (Ludhiana, Punjab), Sanal had been given to perform at a host of local and school functions, often gaining the respect and praise of his elders.

Having been in Australia for a couple of years, he was then introduced to Jaskurn through their mutual friend & talented lyricist, Prabh Galib. The rest as they say, is history.

Video shooting will commence for this track very soon, and once complete, this track will be releasing all over Australia and Worldwide via E3AU Records.

Hope you enjoy the small promo


Ranjit Singh,
+1 #1 Ranjit Singh, 2013-07-30 22:58
Interesting vocals and good to see Aussie artists coming out.

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