Celebrating 5 decades of AS Kang

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With the release of his brand new album 'The Maestro' - looks back on the remarkable career of Punjabi music legend AS Kang - throughout 5 decades of incredible music!

AS Kangs musical journey began in the 1970s with the iconic hit 'Gidhian Di Rani' - The song was produced by legendary music producer Charanjit Ahuja and to this day still influences a number of music producers who sample the well crafted music. 'Gidhian Di Rani' became a instant hit and put AS Kang onto the map.

The 1980's saw AS Kang once again team up with Charanjit Ahuja for "Main Aashiq Tera" - Another timeless classic was born, which is still played at parties today!

AS Kang returned in the 90's with arguably one of the biggest UK Bhangra songs of all time. This time teaming up with 'The Music Man' Sukshinder Shinda, A.S Kang dropped 'Valeti Boliyan' - No doubt this song will still be played 20 years on from now!

Going into the new millenium, UK Bhangra saw a shift to 'Urban' music with Bhangarage taking over many albums. Not to be out-done, the dealy duo of AS Kang & Sukshinder Shinda returned with 'Aish Karo' - No words are needed to describe the impact this song had!

Fast forward to 2012, AS Kang had been 'retired' for nearly a decade from music, and rumours of his come back were circulating. He made an incredible appearance on the Kuldeep Manak tribute 'The Folk King' EP, and a come back album was shortly confirmed.

June 2013 AS Kang returned with 'The Maestro' - Into his 5th decade of Punjabi music, 'The Maestro' shows why he is THE best.

1970s - Gidhian Di Rani

1980s - Main Aashiq Tera

1990s - Valeti Boliyan

2000s - Aish Karo

2010s - The Maestro


Lol lol
0 #3 Lol lol 2013-07-06 07:33
He is back!
Unknown DJ
0 #2 Unknown DJ 2013-06-30 18:19
gidheyan de rani was produced in the 70's. The Album was released in 78. I have been trying to find a copy on Vinyl for over a year.


Music By – K.S. Narula
Words By – A. S. Kang (tracks: A3, B4), Harbans Jandu (tracks: A2, A4)
0 #1 RE: Celebrating 5 decades of AS Kangchinajatt 2013-06-29 17:18
a few mistake with this article the real facts are gidheyan de rani was produced by k s narula in the 90s veleti boliyan was produced by ravi bal dont know who does these artcies but it seems they are just writeing anything down

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