Rasshee Rraga releases Hello Video

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He goes by the name of ISR(for Inder Singh Randhawa) and openly talks about bringing the "New Era" of music. This "New Era" can be his very talented and beautiful artist Rasshee RRaga, new style of music, or something we will shed light on in this article.

"New Era" = New World Order?


His resume in short time includes chart toppers, recognation from The white house, The Governor, The mayor, Congressman and Senator for his work in society and music while residing in USA. What seperates him from rest of the Indian Music market is his similarities with other International music personalities who are constantly being linked to The Illuminati.

For those who are unaware of the theory of illuminati in India, well you are being introduced to something International Music scene has been facing with rumors of stars like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna and many more having the same alliance with this group. Internet is filled with Illuminati beliefs, and people linked to it.

It is a secret society believed to be controlling everything to bring the "NEW WORLD ORDER". This society is linked to Satan, and is using platforms such as the music industry to spread secret messages. This is a subject people take very seriously in outside world, and everyone should at least read up on it for better understanding. Indians dont know about this, because this issue was never so real until now. There are some hints from ISR and his group Thy Emp1re that are hard to ignore, and people are starting to question.Lets start with his company logo (company co founded with Rasshee RRaga).

The logo is a pyramid with a eye watching everything, that is the exact logo of the illuminati. The name of the company is "Thy Emp1re" , now with evil logo like that whos empire could it be? Illuminati Empire? makes you think..If that is not enough his team has been seen throwing up the diamond sign, which is a sign linked closely to the illuminati.His own personal logo includes Pyramid, skulls and fire.

The new project called "#HELLO" is marketing the word hello by highlighting HELL in it. Just like other international stars and personalities are being linked, it is hard to disregard one of our own who is doing the same thing. Why are we closing our eyes when it comes to our own Indian Music Industry, and pointing fingers at those who are being blamed outside of our country for doing and hinting same things. considence? it can be, but this is one topic and eye opener Indians should not take lightly.

When this subject comes up, it is always about international personalities. We fail to realize, Indian music industry is just as open to this as any other due to the viewership and listeners. If these theories are true about the Illuminati, it is very easy to see why India is now the target. Thy Emp1re is run by ISR and Rasshee RRaga. Rasshee is as talented singer as anybody in India or on international stage. If anybody can carry the message this group is trying to send is somebody as talented and beautiful as Rasshee. Somebody who can attract eyes and ears is the perfect poster child for this group.

If Thy Emp1re is linked to illuminati, there can be no better pairing than ISR and Rasshee. You have the Brain, talent, and beauty to attract both eyes and ears. If the hints and visuals are not enough, when ISR was asked why he chose to go with this logo his reply " because I am Satans favorite son". That was said with a smile on his face, as it was a clear joke(at least he showed). He hears these questions and rumors based on the hints provided by him knowingly or maybe unknowingly. This gave us the chance to introduce a subject that has been haunting international Music Market.

There is no solid proof of this alliance existing or such thing as Illuminati existing but this always been a topic of talk for millions of people around the world. Now Seeing the pattern of hints moving into Indian music industry makes you want to atleast take a moment and read about these theories.

One thing is for sure, NEW WORLD ORDER or not with ISR and Rassshee Rraga NEW ERA of music is definitely upon us!