Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"

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Fresh from releasing his new single 'Satisfya' and racking up over 600k views on Youtube in two days, Imran Khan was thrown into fresh controversy after claiming in an interview that he 'didn't know who Honey Singh is'!

'Satisfya' released Thursday 9th May which saw the single peak at No.13 in the UK Mainstream Pop Charts! During a interview at the filming of his new video, Imran Khan was quoted as saying he 'Didnt know who Honey Singh is' -

Honey Singh, of course is the well known producer/rapper hailing from Punjab, India.


Chayan Das
0 #27 I enjoy his songsChayan Das 2016-11-24 15:42
I am a west coast hip-hop listener mainly. I listen to Bohemia, Honey Singh(didn't listen since 1 yr as he didn't made much music), Raftaar. And Imran Khan's Amplifaya and Satisfaya are my two favourite songs.
pop star
+7 #26 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"pop star 2013-05-17 12:44
Yo YO plonka... not end of the world for you mate... just cos imran khan dosn't know you.
+3 #25 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"Gsstar 2013-05-16 20:13
Sahi Kaha Imran Ne, Ki woh Honey Singh ko Nahi jaanta. Mai Bhi Nahi Jaanta..
0 #24 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"mava-de-puth 2013-05-16 16:14
this cuzzy bro makes me laugh. typical smelly sulah
-2 #23 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"Vikz 2013-05-16 03:16
i think he sounds cocky because of the language barrier lol in the BBC interview he sounded like a cool funny guy
Mr Singh
+3 #22 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"Mr Singh 2013-05-15 18:11
He should have picked on Babbu Mann instead would have been more epic.. Babbu Mann would have killed him lol guys a beast and put them two next to each other on stage there will only be one winner
Jatt Mirza
+1 #21 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"Jatt Mirza 2013-05-14 17:05
This is narcissistic/br azen humor at play.

Its a dead giveaway.

To me it does not seem like he's trying to actually stir up a controversy but just being the exact opposite of humble.

Amplifier was good, this new track is shit.
+1 #20 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"hurrrrr 2013-05-14 16:42
Imran Khan cant sing get rid of the auto tune and well see the true colors of Imran Khan wht a joke the music by Erne E carriers all his songs the guy CAN NOT SING...put him on stage with guys like jazzy b,jaz dhami,babbu maan,sukshinder shinda,gippy grewal he'll fade away in a satisfya way...
+1 #19 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"sunny10 2013-05-14 15:20
Of course Imran knows who Honey is, he's using the same video director as Honey did for Brown Rang - the most watched video in India.

He's full of crap and just pushing out the same sound he did four years ago. What a boring song
+2 #18 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"Gsstar 2013-05-14 12:21
Honey Singh is a bullcrap!! Imran Khan is The Artist!! #Satisfiya
Pen Di
+6 #17 Pen Di 2013-05-13 21:52
Quoting Realist.:
This is a mainstream hybrid form of 'punjabi hiphop'...nobody listens to the lyrics its all about the production & video...Honey Singhs rapping is wack so is Imran Khans, both of them chat shit in their lyrics

Bohemia is probably the only mainstream punjabi rapper whos lyrics make some sense...Baagi is another guy who raps in punjabi and his stuff has an ideology behind it...

too many honey singh [censored] riders on this site'd never let a guy sing honey singhs lyrics to your daughter or sister so stop backing him...both these guys are not good for punjabi maa boli or virsa

Genuine Soundz from Canada is a sick rapper. I don't know why he hasn't been picked up by Zeus.
+5 #16 RE: Imran Khan - "I dont know who Honey Singh is"RB 2013-05-13 19:15
Let's face it, love him or hate him he always brings an absolute quality product and keeps his lyrics clean. You can't compare Honey Singh and Imran Khan, from different countries, one sings one raps, one produces one doesn't, honey is all controversy whereas imran is all about bragging and ego.

Imran Khan has to say things like i dont know who honey singh is and i am the king of urban punjabi music because if he doesn't believe in his own talent then how is he meant to persuade the audience that he is the best doing it.

Why don't you appreaciate his talent and what he's doing for Punjabis.

And ifyou hate him then stop commenting on this sort of thing because he's just gaining your attention with comments like this

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