Bhangra Wars 2013 - Team Auditions Part 1

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October 5th will see the UK's Biggest Open Bhangra Competition taking place in Birmingham! Presented by, Bhangra Wars 2013 will see 8 elite teams competing against each other! Watch the first four auditions of the competing teams.

Teams Featured Below: Ankhile Girls, Asian Street Remix, GPD Academy & Josh Valaithian Da [JVD]

Ankhile Girls

Asian Street Remix

GPD Academy

Josh Valaithian Da [JVD]

Next week the final four auditions will be showcased!

Twitter: @Simply_Bhangra / @BhangraWarsUK


Anand Singh
0 #2 Anand Singh 2013-04-17 17:26
Great auditions especially from GPD Academy putting on a good display of punjabi homegrown Bhangra. Definetely one to watch in the competition. Being from Punjab myself I agree with Lauran can there not be a live stream of the event?
+1 #1 lauran 2013-04-16 15:20
Shame can't be there not in uk :/ can't you do a live stream or show a recorded show? Know its for Khalsa Aid but do a donations page?

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