Gippy Grewal asks for Punjab ban on Sadda Haq to be lifted

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Amid achieving huge international success, Punjabi film Sadda Haq remains banned in Punjab, a decision made by the government of Punjab. Punjabi star Gippy Grewal has publicly come forward to ask for the ban to be removed.

Having released worldwide April 5th with huge controversy, Punjabi film Sadda Haq has achieved huge success in cinemas across the globe, with screenings in Canada, America & UK being sold out on consecutive nights.

The film was controversially banned by the Punjab government on the day of its release, a decision which has displeased a large portion of the Punjabi diaspora who were looking forward to watching the movie.

See Gippy Grewal's thoughts on the ban - Do you think it should be lifted?



Bhangra singh
+1 #1 Bhangra singh 2013-04-12 21:00
Why is it banned in the punjab?

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