Jr Dread Needs You!

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Are you a fan of the late great Surjit Bindrakhia? Would you like to be apart of a project which is dedicated to the legend? Then, Jr Dread needs you!

For all you fans of the mighty Surjit Bindrakhia, Jr Dread is organising quite an ambitious project which requires the involvement of all the Bindrakhia fans from across the world.

All you need to do is go to and sign up on the newsletter, within the coming weeks, all those who have signed up will receive a message on the details of the project and how to get involved.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon. The roll call has begun and the trumpets are beckoning, are you man (or woman!) enough to sign up?


+2 #10 RE: Jr Dread Needs You!Realist. 2013-04-03 22:35
Quoting mojor:
This guy doesnt make his own music, its all AMX PRODUCTIONS

Madness!!! is this true? Provide evidence please, thanks in advance. haha
+7 #9 RE: Jr Dread Needs You!mojor 2013-04-03 22:12
This guy doesnt make his own music, its all AMX PRODUCTIONS
+3 #8 Weeman 2013-04-02 20:37
The attached track "Jogi" is not bad by this Pirates of the Caribbean dude :-)
Apna Gurj
+1 #7 RE: Jr Dread Needs You!Apna Gurj 2013-04-02 19:19
Do something original...dont disrespect Bindrakia by mixin in some modern beats with his classical songs...

He doesnt need this his songs are and always will be dance floor hits.

Go make one for the muppets
Jatt Mirza
+1 #6 Jatt Mirza 2013-04-02 18:51
A common bhangra artist's mentality "Lets's use others fame to become famous"

If you want to become a legend, do it on your own two legs, not by piggybacking on other's legacy.
+4 #5 ScrewFix 2013-04-02 18:49
Jack sparrow had a haircut..DaFarr k!
+3 #4 RE: Jr Dread Needs You!Nikon 2013-04-02 18:46
Isn't Jr Dread a fake producer? I swear tarli digital makes all his stuff...if you listen to JR Dreads album you can hear the percussion is exactly the same as TD...
+7 #3 Realist. 2013-04-02 18:04
Jr Dread is actually a really good producer, proper creative when it comes to production yet he hasnt made a mark on the industry. Maybe this is his attempt at doing so by creating a tribute song for Bindrakhia!!! Personally i think he shouldnt do it; come on Bindrankia passed away time back (no offence) so whats the point of releasing a tribute song now?

Fair enough your a fan of his, but dont try to make money/ get short term fame/ youtube views using him.
Make your own song from scratch, production, vocalist and Jr Dread has the talent to make an impact but doing this typical [censored]-move projects on the side isnt going to get the great response he's maybe hoping for, especially not from die-hard Bindrakhia fans!

Tributes are something bedroom producers do by mixing classics, not for someone who wants to make an impact in the industry!
Kuldeep Dale
+3 #2 Kuldeep Dale 2013-04-02 17:40
No please do not let this dude ruin another song, That drum and bass garbage he released recently did no justice at all.

Bindrakhia does not need any tribute song. He songs are still getting played today
Yeah Bowi
+6 #1 Yeah Bowi 2013-04-02 17:34
No please dont butcher another artist you messed up Kuldeep Manak now your gona mess up bindrakhia with some stupid production.


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