'This Party Gettin' Hot' finds big success on the Internet!

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Jazzy B & Yo Yo Honey Singh's latest single is a big online sensation hitting 1 Million Views in flat 80 hours on YouTube since the time of release. The video has also been ranking in the World's Top 10 most shared videos on social networking platforms like Facebook & Twitter within first few hours of launch.
The launch of the single was planned in three steps with a Teaser released on Jazzy B's YouTube channel on 18th December followed by a promo release on 25th December. By 28th December, the day when the video was released, there was massive hype already created on online communities and large number of viewers had already subscribed to Jazzy B's YouTube channel eagerly anticipating the launch of the big music video. As soon as the music video was released, within hours it touched lakhs of views and till date has been viewed in almost entire world with YouTube data showcasing it as being watched in over 150+ countries. It has been ranking as No.1 Most Watched Video not only in India but also amongst the Top 5 Most watched videos in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand over the last few days.

"We do realize the power of internet medium and the reach platforms like YouTube and iTunes can provide to any such launch globally at the same time. Hence we didn't want to follow conventional methods of music releases and went out with a completely different strategy of shooting a special teaser for the song to be released on YouTube 10 days before the music launch followed by a promo release 3 days before the launch. With the response we were getting on Teaser and the promo we knew that we are doing things right but were not expecting that it will cross a million views within 4 days of launch. Infact the combined viewership of teaser, promo and the music video on YouTube is well over 2 million views by now" says Jazzy B

Similar has been the story with iTunes - The biggest global music download store. Within 24 hours of launch the single was ranked as No.1 Most download track in India Store as well as the world genre of iTunes in UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand stores. All the numbers quoted above are as of Monday evening and who knows what all new records it would have established by the time this article gets published.

Jazzy B adds in "We have been getting comments from not only Punjabi speaking audience but overall from various Indian states and other countries who might not even be understanding the lyrics of the songs but are still loving the track. Also just to make it clear, this is completely an organic viewership and we haven't spent any monies on online advertising . The credit completely goes only and only to our fans."


0 #5 Romeooo 2013-01-11 14:01
This track is good. Works well. Pumps on the dancefloor. People need to give Jazzy B a break. His exploring, nothing wrong with that. f you don't like it then simply don't listen to it. If we keep hearing the same old sh*t aan hayer produces then music will never more forward. he uses the same old boring instruments and dhol beats!
+4 #4 Realist. 2013-01-03 16:15

I know bollywoods worse, and you cant solely blame singers, and that the police, army and politicians commit rapes...but as ive said before these guys dont help the situation, and it seems thats what womens rights groups in punjab believe aswel...the party is definately getting hot now!

(and no im not hating on Jazzy B's success, good for him that hes done well and is able to care and feed his family, just have some shame when doing it)
Jixx Paal
+7 #3 Jixx Paal 2013-01-03 14:51
Well that is no big surprise. Every video Honey Singh releases gets 1mil+ views, some even have a few million views. I don't like him, but he does have a fanbase no matter what we think of him and his shitty music ruining Bhangra lmao
-1 #2 Aneela 2013-01-01 22:54
Yo yo honey singh is giving good singers such as jazzy b a bad name with songs like this, jazzy b is getting too old for this kind of stuff. Yeah i do think yo yo honey singh is a good music producer but thats it, just hope he doesnt ruin all the good singers
pop star
+2 #1 pop star 2013-01-01 21:03
prats... need a slap! come on lads get a grip!

guns in the club! such a eye rolling moment!

hope the youth of today don't think that this is cool yaar??

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