Introducing 'Folk Stars' - 24th November

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Folk-Stars is the brainchild of a group of young British-Asians hailing from the renowned bhangra capital of the UK, Birmingham.

Having a close connection to their roots, these entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to introduce the upcoming generations nationwide to a culture, enriched with tradition and art. The committee are no strangers when it comes to promoting Punjabi culture and health benefits of bhangra dancing. Their continuous presidential positions of Punjabi Cultural Societies at University have enabled them to host several bhangra, gidha and fitness workshops for students all over.

Over the years, this leisure pursuit transformed into a vision of providing a platform for bhangra dancers who truly believe in preserving the folklore attached to the art form.

This passion stipulated the launch of a new, yet promising, competition – Folk-Stars. As an invitational competition, this event aims to bring the best performers on the same platform to present an energetic and colourful display of raw talent.

The Olympic 2012 Closing Ceremony provided an unprecedented opportunity for bhangra to be showcased in front of an 80,000 stadium crowd with 22.9 million viewers tuned into the ceremony in the UK alone. With this recent surge in awareness of bhangra, Folk-Stars is set to attract a broad spectrum of the community and put traditional folk bhangra on the map.

This year, Folk-Stars will be held in the heart of Birmingham, at the prestigious Town Hall this November 24th , 2012.


+1 #2 RPD 2012-10-08 12:04
not enough comps in the uk. lukin forward to this one if its all live?!
-1 #1 sanjayy 2012-10-05 22:34
another competition?? how many are there!

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