Bhangra Wars 2012: Introducing Nachde Punjabi Dancers

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In June ran a competition to see which three teams would be exclusively showcased on the website in the run up to BhangraWars 2012! The final group to be showcased is: NACHDE PUNJABI DANCERS

1st place in the Simply Bhangra / Bhangra Wars promo competition, we talk to NACHDE PUNJABI DANCERS. Video by MadTatter Films





Who founded your group?

NPD was founded by two brothers Harmeet & Lucky Dhaliwal in 2003

Is your group male/female/mixed only?

NPD consists of male bhangra dancers

Who is the captain?

NPD has 1 Captain/Manager (Harmeet Dhaliwal), who deals with bookings,

advertising etc and all decisions are past through him before being implemented.

However all NPD Members have an equal input regarding choreographing…

each member treated equally with the respect for surperior members, like a family

How many members are there in your group?

NPD currently has 6 members in the group.

Does your team have a Slogan/motto?

Motto: Chasing the Dream, not the competition……….

With the forthcoming competition Bhangra Wars 2012 only a month away –

what would you say are your Groups strongest elements?

We all believe NPD bring a fast and energetic vibe to the dance floor.

People enjoy our mixed modernised/traditional style, which has attracted

all target audiences to like us when we on stage

Did the founding members of your group receive any Bhangra dance tuition or

have mentors who guided and trained them?

The founders of NPD have both been dancing for around 12/13 years…

They both originally started dancing with a professional group based in

west London. Then started Nachde Punjabi Dancers in 2003

What are your thoughts on music and live Bhangra routines?

Nothings better then actual Live Music, the sound, the instruments and the

tradition that comes with it…makes you proud of being Punjabi. Live Bhangra

routines brings out the Traditional Conventions of Bhangra Dance,

which started in Punjab.

What makes a good judge in terms of judging competitions?

Someone that has experience in the industry, who has that eye for the right talent

and that can use his/her experience to develop others

A Judge who is not bias in any way and for that person to have the passion for

both traditional and Urban styles of Bhangra

Ok, competitions are now growing here in the UK...where do you see UK Bhangra?

We say Bhangra has come a long way from what it used to be. Bhangra has had the

platform to develop in many ways.

Bhangra has been promoted in so many different ways with groups being on

TV with Britain’s Got Talent, Sky 1’s Got 2 Dance, with our own BritAsia TV,

Radio Stations all around the world. The more we keep promoting Bhangra

the more chance us Groups have to develop and be successful.

Bhangra Dance and Bhangra music are two industries, we have a Bhangra industry

which is the Music, Production and Singing and we have the other Bhangra industry

which is Dance and respectively these two industries have fallen into 1 large

collective formation.

Bhangra Music Industry has always had its platform some years with less success

but some years with very large success. With the likes of Malkit Singh breaking world

records to Jay-Z & Punjabi MC Collaboration, Khiza & Ginuwine, Rishi Rich

& Britney Spares, Jay Sean, Hard Kaur & D12 etc.

However Dance Industry hasn’t had as much success then the music industry.

But we are growing, with performances on Blue Peter, BBC, Talent Shows and

just recently the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics.

Our country needs more competitions such as Bhangra Wars and

Bhangra Showdowns.

Let’s strive for success and all help one another

How much does winning Bhangra Wars 2012 mean to your team?

Winning Bhangra Wars will finally show all our hard work, determination

and love for bhangra has truly paid off. We will carry loving our industry the

way we have for the last 9 years.

Respect to all other groups taking part







Heike punkt
0 #2 Heike punkt 2012-09-23 07:46
...he he he he any case a hand full young ppl with a lots of humor...thats a good basic in this bussiness...I was still entertainet by watching of this video...also from my side all the best...!!! ... I cross my fingers for all the time best result & " mast hai " by every gig...!!!... ;-)
+1 #1 rogi. 2012-09-04 15:16
good luck people and big up sb team for showcasing stuff like this. Should do the rest of the teams :)

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