Brit Asia 2012 Awards - Nominations Party

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The BritAsia TV Music Awards 2012 are proud to announce our official Awards Nominations Party, leading up to the BritAsia TV Music Awards 2012 at the NIA Birmingham, on 6th October 2012.

15 distinctive categories, 15 prestigious awards – fans from all over the world have been voting for their favourite British Asian artists! Our exclusive Nominations Party will see the announcement of the five leading artists per category who have made the cut, securing themselves a place in the shortlist of nominees anticipating a highly-acclaimed BritAsia TV Music Award.

All nominated artists and the “who’s who” of the British Asian music industry will be under one roof for this private invitation-only event. From “Best Newcomer” to “Best Club DJ”, BritAsia TV will recognise the cream of the crop across the whole music industry.

The Nominations Party will be hosted at an esteemed secret location, known only to its attendees, from 7pm onwards on Thursday 23rd August 2012. Also in attendance will be the press and media, covering all the glitz and the glamour for the public to get a sneak peek! The event will be filmed live and broadcast throughout the UK, Europe and North America. (BATV launch 1st September)

The most prominent event of its kind, the BritAsia TV Music Awards is independent, highly credible and highly acclaimed and the winners are determined by the public only. The annual music awards will acknowledge artists for their contribution to British Asian music, and with 15 awards up for grabs this event will honour the “voice of the fans”.

Voting for the open nominations closes on the 21st August. For more information log onto NOW!


+1 #4 Realist 2012-08-23 23:55
Best single...erm PATANDRA!!! who the F voted for Jugni Ji...that tune was besti on Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn.
-1 #3 Realist 2012-08-23 23:45
Dj Sarj best club DJ maybe...the guys been asked to do mixes on BBC Asian network that shows his calibre.
+1 #2 Realist 2012-08-23 23:32
Ik Benere- best video...come on it was something new and creative and most importantly CLEAN and family video should be awarded to creativity not to those who s[censored]t the most money making it!!!
+1 #1 Realist 2012-08-23 23:23
The shortlists are a joke...guys with groupies are getting nominated while those with real talent are being overlooked. Every year the same guys get nominated and the same people are winning...if Jazzy B wins an award for best dressed im going to cry...besti. Dj Sanj as best producer, nobodys even 100% sure if hes even a real producer, im pretty sure Manni Sandhu should have atleast been in best album since most of his songs made it to top 10 of the world charts. If steel banglez doesnt win best non asian music producer it'll show how out-of-touch these people are...and where the F is PMC???

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