Sazi Judge - Hun Moi (Full Video)

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After the Smash hit Song 'Bach Mitran', Sazi Judge releases her latest track 'Hun Moi' produced by music director Jeeti Singh, watch the full video here!


The song is written by living legends Punjabi song writer Mangal Hathur.

Sazi Judge says " I dedicate this song to you our rich Punjabi Virsa & Punjabi Culture; this song was the favorite song of both my grandmother and Mangal Hathur's. With this Old Punjabi folk song, I bring together to our new generation with our rich Punjabi virsa & Punjabi culture.

Get ready once again to sing-a-long and see who rules the dance floor with 'HUN MOI'. hit the world dance floors.

'HUN MOI' is out now on iTunes and other digital platforms.


Raji Gill
-1 #2 Raji Gill 2012-08-14 02:09
not her best song....
-2 #1 BORING 2012-08-10 17:51
Jeeti why oh why

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