Nish - Pind De Chobare (Free Download)

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Nish was born into a family where almost everyone had an association with music. Nish continued this family trait and started singing at
the tender age of three and went on to giving her first public performance at the age of six. She appeared as ‘The youngest Gospel Singer’ of the
UK at the age of 11 with her beautiful gift of a debut album ‘Tera Shaafi’ which comprises of the heart touching tunes and lyrics.
‘Tera Shaafi’ was warmly appreciated by the people around the globe.

Nish stepped into secular music in 2011 with another amazing contribution ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aaye’ at the age of twelve which is a remarkable presentation. Music lovers from different parts of the world are appreciative once again with her performance at such an early age. She composed her first song at the age of eleven. Having being naturally blessed and gifted in the field of music, she is also a self taught musician and can play drums, guitar and piano.

Looking at her interests, efforts and performances, it seems as if she is a singer by birth. She has the aptitude and ability to pick new
experiences in music rapidly. Nish intends to work hard in the field of music to achieve a prominent position.

Nish presented her second single entitled ‘Ji Lay’ at the age of just thirteen, ‘Ji Lay’ is an electro hip hop song and the subject is about living
a good life where there is no hate or war.

Recently Nish launched her latest offering ‘Pind De Chobare’, a single with a mixture of Giddha and Bhangra.

Pind De Chobare’ is a free download available from



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